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Circling the Wagons in Downing Street

Telegraph | News | Yates offers ministers a way to clear their names

Police have offered Cabinet ministers the chance to rule themselves out of suspicion in the "cash for honours" investigation, piling yet more pressure on Tony Blair.

Letters sent to senior Labour figures by John Yates, the detective in charge of Scotland Yard's inquiry, have listed the 10 individuals originally nominated for peerages by Mr Blair last year....

The letters, received by Cabinet ministers about 10 days ago, ask whether they played any part in nominating any of the people on the list.

A source close to the inquiry said: "What Yates is trying to do is to ensure that no senior figure is able to take the rap for the nominations at a later stage in the inquiry, saving Tony Blair and his inner circle."...

What the police do not expect them to do is to say they helped nominate any of the four lenders.

"This in turn will put the spotlight even more strongly on to Tony Blair and his inner circle at Number 10."

Mr Blair ... is expected to be interviewed under caution, as a potential suspect, before Christmas, but it is not thought that he will be arrested.

That's the way to do it, pick off the outriders and sentries one by one, leaving the wagonmasters sweating in the middle. Leaks like this are the whooping and hollering that soften up them up.


This is seriously good news. These produts have inelastic demand meaning taxing them is purely a revenue maximising act. Allowing us to order booze from the web will crush one of gordon's rip off taxes of recent years (and, as you say, end the ridiculous 'booze cruise')

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