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Sodium and Chlorine? Must be poisonous!

Take this ban with a pinch of salt

Keeping our favourite seasoning off school dinner tables won't necessarily improve children's health, finds Paul Eastham

If last year's villain was the Turkey Twizzler, this year's must be salt. My 14-year-old daughter complains that it has been banned from her school's lunch tables this term – on the orders of the Government

The telegraph is going up in my estimation with this reasoned examination of the killer salt ban alongside its killer climate change articles. The MSM is catching up!


Everyone gets it right occasionally. The Telegraph has been splurging non-stories (like red meat/harvard nurses, and Suicide risk is trebled for women with breast implants) for the last few months and rapidly losing my estimation.
It's not difficult to tell when people are talking balls, but they seem to not care unless the topic is really trendy (salt, GW..).

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