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The Underclass

Telegraph | News | White, poor, male and doomed to fail

White working-class boys have become the new "underclass", a report by Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, warns today.
Boys from low-income white families are bottom of the heap in school performance, trailing behind every other major ethnic group...

...culture, not ethnicity or cash, is the key to educational achievement.

And the white trash have a culture of feckless drunken glorification of stupidity - how you turn that around, I have no idea.


Solutions: Perhaps military service, enforcing good discipline in schools and giving back to parents their authority over their children. Should solve 95% or more of the problems.

This is a real shame, when we will wake up?

Bob: I agree with you. The word "wake up" summarises well what should happen in Britain, not only regarding white trash (or any other colour trash for that matter), but in many areas. Off the top of my head, I would say:get out of Europe, it's doing us more harm than good, control immigration, expel illegals, put police back on the streets to chase criminal (not motorists doing 33mph in a 30 mile zone), stop political correctness and I could go on and on.

When I grew up, we still had the cane in schools (mostly the threat of it, but it kept us on our toes) and if any of us were rude or disobedient to our parents, we'd get a trashing. It worked.

Wake up. Save Britain.

An "education system?" that is, to put it mildly, not fit for purpose together with a total lack of discipline has led to this breakdown. All seem agreed that social mobility has been reduced but none of the parties want to change anything. Still our ruling elite have nothing to fear, their children will be well looked after, Camoron please note. Let's see,what was that definition of hypocracy.

Using terms like white trash doesn't really help now does it.

The establishment prefers the better cultured asians to fill the jobs as they just do what there told.

They have basically abandoned there own people.

I also think it's American cultural imperialism that has made you despise the less civilised of your own race.

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