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Tapping the glass

Outlook set fair as vote saves Britain's mercury barometers - Britain - Times Online

European green campaigners vowed to carry on their fight to outlaw the mercury barometer along with the thermometer, the manometer and the sphygmomanometer (for measuring blood pressure), all of which, under the EU directive, are no longer to be made.

On one hand this shows how "adaption" aand the use of new technologies solve environmental problems - who twenty years ago would have forecast that you would be able to buy very accurat electronic thermometers for pocket money? But on the other hand I just have a sneaking thought that the greens really hate us old codgers who tap the barometer each morning and check the silver column on the max/min thermometer and then dismiss their scaremongering - maybe they would like there only to be an official temperature....


"tapping the silver column" and "polishing wood" every morning as well as blogging , when do you find the time to farm?

Outlaw simple measurment technology? Because it can disprove their ridiculous religious beliefs? The EU has become its own Vatican-North.

Yes, you're right - the greens do hate you, so here's to mercury ... thank goodness we also have these here.

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