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Dirty Old Men

A Chief Constable responsible for giving the views of senior officers on child protection has provoked anger after suggesting that people who have sex with children aged from 13 to 15 should not be classed as paedophiles.

"It's much more of an issue for me if a child is under 13. The closer they get to 16, the more it becomes a grey area."

In speaking to The Sunday Times, he said, he had been "referring to 13-, 14- and 15-year-olds [girls] and teenage boys and nothing else".

"If you prosecute each and every time a boy has sex with a girl under 16 and above 12, then we'd be in schools and youth clubs across Britain pretty regularly," he said.

However, Mr Grange's claim that the 16-year-old cut off point was artificial was dismissed by Kidscape, a charity which deals with bullying and child sexual abuse.

Michele Elliott, the charity's spokesman, said: "The definition of a paedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to children. In this country we class this as children who are under 16.

"We have been having this debate for ages. He is misguided - it is not a grey area."

Come off it - lumping post-puberty teenager lust in with kiddie fiddlers is madness, the two factors are puberty and the age difference. With a third of girls claiming to have done "it" before their 16th birthday the charity is trying to fuel the paedophilia terror. Regretable as it is, early teenage sex is not remotely comparable to the classic dirty old man and primary school children; for whom the wrath of all right thinking people should know no bounds. By linking the two it lessens the horror we ought to fell and blunts our reactions to the monsters.


Much worse, though, is Gordon Brown's plan to tax sex from next year onwards. He's taxed everything else, apart from air, that's all that's left. Details are sketchy but all participants would have to pay a duty (the marital duty I think) and hundreds of sex tax inspector will roam the countryside, seeking compliance. In London, Ken Livingstone will be imposing a special congestion charge with a surcharge for heavier participants.

Maybe the tabloids should curb their "righteous anger" on this one.

Let's face it, a few years back didn't one of them run a count down to some teenie tart's sixteenth birthday? In the process getting readers all hot and bothered in anticipation of her first topless photo spread.

And the authorities as a whole don't seem too bothered about underage teenage pregnencies, even if the father is a thirty year old man. Again a couple of years ago, wasn't there that woman demanding welfare dosh because she and her assorted unmarried daughters were popping sprogs like battery hens pop eggs? I seems to remember that one of the aforementioned daughters was under the age of consent and the daddy of at least one of her offspring was said to be in his thirties. I don't seems to remember reading of any charges being laid against him.

Maybe Mr Grange is right to call for a bit of clarity, consistency and common sense in the application of the law. Of course under the current regime clarity, consistence and common sense are anathema when compared to pandering to the latest tabloid scare. I suspect Mr Grange is more likely to get a wrap over the knuckles than praise.

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