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Wireless Balls

Parents and teachers are forcing some schools to dismantle wireless computer networks amid fears that they could damage children’s health.
More schools are putting transmitters in classrooms to give pupils wireless access from laptops to the school computer network and the internet.

But many parents and some scientists fear that low levels of microwave radiation emitted by the transmitters could be harmful, causing loss of concentration, headaches, fatigue, memory and behavioural problems and possibly cancer in the long term. Scientific evidence is inconclusive, but some researchers think that children are vulnerable because of their thinner skulls and developing nervous systems...

Vivienne Baron, who is bringing up Sebastian, her ten-year-old grandson, said: “I did not want Sebastian exposed to a wireless computer network at school. No real evidence has been produced to prove that this new technology is safe in the long term. Until it is, I think we should take a precautionary approach...

It had to be a "Sebastian" didn't it! Poor bloody kid being dragged backwards into the age of unreason and superstition by his dear old granny. The shame is, of course, the school hasn't got the balls to tell her where to stick her mumbo-jumbo.


Noone tell her that when Sebastian plays in the sun, he is directly exposed to an unshielded fusion reactor putting out electo-magnetic RADIATION! up to x-rays.

Oh good! I'm always connected with wireless at home, also now :-P

Read the Times letters page to find where these mooncalves hang out, with a supportive editor. 3 idiots claiming science backs them up, and the only naysayer - a director of Cisco - oh he'll have credibility among those too comfortable to have anything sane to worry about.

A 2.4 GHz microwave photon has an energy of about 10 μeV. That's orders of magnitude less than interatomic bond strength. These people are morons.

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