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How to cut EU fraud

Britain proposes national audit to root out fraud and abusesBritain will take the lead today in trying to root out fraud and financial mismanagement in the European Union by seizing national control of the auditing of European money spent in Britain.
Ed Balls, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, will call on other EU countries tomorrow to do the same and to end the “annual embarrassment” for Europe of its accounts being rejected. The European Court of Auditors has found fault recently with the EU accounts for the twelfth year in a row.

Mr Balls will tell MPs that the Government will in future give Parliament an annual statement of all spending within Britain from the €100 billion (£677 million) European budget and have it audited by the National Audit Office.

Now here's a better idea - instead of pouring all our money over to Brussels and then counting what comes back, why not just keep it here and spend it ourselves....


There is already an audit which is scathing but it's ignored. The EU would do the smae here.

This has been going on for twelve years and Mr Balls now wants to do something about it? Why so soon, he could have waited a few more years, after all what's a billion here or a billion there?

Englishman is right, let's get out now.

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