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Ugly Goat Weed Complex

Dr Gillian McKeith’s organisation has had to detox its own products after MHRA officers discovered it was advertising and selling goods without legal authorisation whilst making medicinal claims about their efficacy. Dr McKeith’s products, ‘Fast Formula Wild Pink’ for women and ‘Fast Formula Horny’ for men promised to deliver wonders for all in the bedroom.

Good - she is the mad old bat who pokes people's poo on prime time telly to humiliate them into eating their vegetables. But I'm not sure why her "Dr Gillian McKeith's Fast Formula HORNY Goat Weed Complex for men" needs to be banned - can anyone imagine trying to get the old boy to rise with that ugly mug leering off the package at you?

..."Sorry Scarlett, you and Keira might as well go home now, never happened to me before..."


Never heard of the bint before so did a google on her and found her official site. Basically a market stall punting assorted snake oil remedies to the hard of thinking. I was rather intrigued by the device she calls a "juicer and sprouter" though. To my mind it resembles a device of sapphic self-abuse I once saw in a documentary about convent girls (or was it the one about lonely housewives?).

ps she also sells something called "Hemp Sauce". Do you think it would make a suitable accompaniment to Hash Brownies?

What happened to my comment from before the "ps"?

Did I say something naughty?

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