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Count me out

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It was Groucho Marx who best summed up that nagging feeling we all periodically suffer from: that we don't really like the rest of mankind.

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members," he said.

Today, The Daily Telegraph, inspired by our readers, launches a new club for people who, like Marx, want to stand out from the crowd and are strongly inclined to go against prevailing fashions.

They do not buy iPods because their neighbours have them, and they certainly do not "drizzle" truffle oil on their carpaccio because Nigella Lawson tells them to.

Sign me up - I don't watch "Celebrity", I have never been to IKEA, I have no idea who is in the "hit parade" or Premier League of Soccer. I don't buy Fair Trade or wear white wristbands, Metrosexual grooming products, ready ripped jeans, go to Tuscany... In fact I guess a lot of you don't either.

Sign up here


I have no mobile phone, no ipod, none of that. In fact, if i detect a trend, I go against it on principle. I'll see if it will accept my signature.

Er ... how does one sign up? I jsut see a pdf of a certificate.

I have never heard of Nigella Lawson and don't know what carpaccio is.

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