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Hello hello hello - who've got here?

1001 ways to crash the I.D card system

Suggestions welcomed!


Firstly I wrote a cuationary tale about ID cards recently that could use additional publicity - http://www.di2.nu/files/zombie.html

Secondly the best way to beat this fucking idiotic idea is to continually report changes.

Going on holiday for a week to Bognor? change of address when you leave and another one when you come back. And any other change of circumstances you can think of. clog the system with updates.

Report your card lost or stolen repeatedly because it's amazing how these tricky buggers will fall down drains

Request on reports on who has accessed your records. Request that you receive your current information to verify its accuracy. Etc.

Couple of suggestions

Plaster and such like burns off the fingerprints which is why no building worker will get a card, so a spot of DIY for a month or so before hane.

Become a Jedi (now an accepted religion for census purposes, religious rules state that a photograph steals the soul unless a large cowl like hood is worn) or as sexuality and religion can change become a muslim and wear a Burqa

if every person or a large minority refused to carry / get a card even if it becomes compulsory it will become untenable for the autorities. If they allow you the option to turn up at the station within seven days to produce, imaging the queses and the chaos.

If supermarkets start demanding them, buy two or else three trolley loads, preferably mixed frozen, fresh and warm, when it comes to producing the card refuse, and leave the goods packed together in bags. Warm items against cold frozen goods - an health abd safety issue will not be able to r use. if that doesn't cause a clamour nothing will. May at least stop shops demanding cards

The most surefire way to put the kibosh on the ID card scheme is to make it a Government IT project. Whoops!

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