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Fasting man killed swan to eat

LLANDUDNO A Muslim who killed a swan while fasting during Ramadan has been given a two-month prison sentence.
Shamsu Miah, 52, killed the mute swan at a boating pond in Llandudno, North Wales, on September 25.When challenged by police he said: “I am a Muslim, I am fasting, I needed to eat.” Llandudno magistrates were told that Miah, from the town, had white feathers stuck in his beard and blood on his shirt. Jim Neary, for the prosecution, said: “The officers told him the swan was the property of the Queen and he replied, ‘I hate the Queen, I hate this country’.”

See not eating doesn't do you any good - any one knows that preparing a swan for roasting or a pie takes time and delicacy, not a mad knifing on the boating pond...


If he hates our Queen and country, why is he stil here? Get out and leave HM's swans alone.

"I am fasting, I needed to eat"

As an example of the impenetrable logic of the extreme fuckwit it is only beaten by: "Islam is a religion of peace. And I'll kill you in one of several barbaric ways if you say otherwise".

Can we take up a collection to have him sent to a country he might find more condusive to his sensibilities?

there wont be any swans left for us sussex pikeys at this rate! Good enough reason to lock him in the tower!

Shame it didn't happen in Cambridge;

There was a young fresher at Johns
Who started molesting the swans.
'Oh no,' said the porter
'You may have my young daughter,
But the swans is reserved for the dons'

He was fasting. He needed to NOT eat.

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