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Pretty Polly Cameron

Telegraph | News | Cameron's caring image comes unstuck

David Cameron faced a fierce Right-wing reaction yesterday after attempts to give the Conservatives a more caring image ran into trouble.

The Tory leader will today commit his party to following a new approach to tackling poverty endorsed by Polly Toynbee, the Left-wing commentator......

But the row over suggestions this week that the new approach amounted to "ditching" the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill are likely to overshadow the speech.

In a leaked report from the Tories' current wide-ranging policy review, Greg Clark, MP for Tunbridge Wells, advised Mr Cameron that Churchill's view that the welfare state should be no more than a safety net was "out of date". Instead, Mr Clark said the modern party should embrace Miss Toynbee's "imagery" that the state had a far wider duty to make sure that the gap between rich and poor did not become too great.

I suppose I should rant against this stupidity, but frankly I'm too hung-over, tired and bored with Mr Potato Head to bother...


I'll do the ranting then. Mr Cameron hasn't understood we don't want another NuLabour. He's completely lost it and he's heading for a crash landing. He won't get traditional Tory votes, he won't get NuLabour votes. He'll get NuTory votes, whatever that means. Probably not much.

The Telegraph provides a link with the Cameron article. It's called "Inner Tosser Video". I thought it was about the Boy - obviously - but instead it's about the dangers of excessive credit card spending, produced by the Cool Conservatives. A true waste of money.


When caught in the media headlights for a reaction, Ms Toynbee spluttered that while Mr Clark may be endorsing her (and I think she was as shocked as we were), he needed to understand that this meant that the income of the better-off needed to be "held back while the rest caught up". Good Grief.

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