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Politicians make you sick

Scotsman.com News - UK - Blair red tape vow to woo business

TONY Blair has ordered all government departments to draw up urgent plans to slash red tape as part of a promise to business to cut regulatory burdens by a quarter.

In his last speech as Prime Minister to a CBI conference, Mr Blair pledged to cut form-filling, inspections and record-keeping requirements by 25 per cent.

And I will believe it when I see it - as far as I can see the red tape burden is a constant ratchet up - and of course with most of it oozing out of the EU there is not a lot Tone can do.

But maybe there is hope in the air - there is now so much Red Tape it is even making the Public Servants ill, and they are the people nuLabour listens to...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Red tape 'causing mental illness'

Constant political interference is causing stress-induced mental breakdowns in public servants, a consultant psychiatrist has claimed.

"I primarily treat people suffering from stress-induced mental disorders, such as depressive illness and anxiety states," Prof Cantopher writes.

"Twenty years ago most of my clientele were business executives, but they aren't now.

"Businesses have long since recognised that it is in their employees who are at the highest risk of stress related illness and they mostly nurture and protect them.

"Now it is the public servants who form the bulk of my practice."

"What these professions now have in common is that they are all victims of the craze so loved by recent governments for regulation and its attendant bureaucracy.

"Politicians need to be needed and for us to believe that they can stop things going wrong.

"They can't, of course, but they have to be seen to be doing something or their opposite numbers will call them complacent."

He said the big change in the past 20 years had been the growth of a bureaucratic "blame culture", which had been fostered by politicians.


Diagnosing 'mental disorders' is NOT an exact science. That's what makes it dangerous sometimes. I worked with 'autistic' kids in a hospital setting, and the 'Psychiatrist' had intense psychotropic ordered for 'acting out behaviors.' WBR LeoP

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