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Vivat Oxonia

Dons reject plan to halt 900 years of self-rule by Oxford

Oxford’s reform plans were thrown into chaos last night when academics unexpectedly threw out proposals to hand strategic control of the university to outsiders.

In what amounts to a crushing blow for John Hood, the Vice-Chancellor, the academics voted by a massive majority against his amended Governance White Paper. ....

Dr Hood had recommended ending 900 years of self-rule by creating a board of directors with a majority of externally appointed members to approve the budget and oversee the running of the university. He had argued that his reforms would improve accountability and transparency and were crucial to Oxford retaining its international dominance.

His opponents, however, feared that, ultimately, financial interests could outweigh Oxford’s academic priorities, to the detriment of students, staff and the university. ...

Dr Hood had been backed by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and by Lord Patten of Barnes, the Oxford Chancellor.

Oh, caput stercoris Patten,"Te futueo et equum tuum" - or in other words if he is in favour of it there is no need of any further thought, it is the wrong idea to follow. Somehow I have more faith in an institution that has survived war, pestilence and Labour Governments than I have in modern management consultants.

For those of you still in the lower forms the translation is "Oh, Shithead (lit. Cap of shit) Patten, "Go screw yourself and your horse (you rode in on)".


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