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Blair and the Democracy Deficit

Iain Dale's Diary: Blair Says the English Want Their Own Parliament

Mr Blair acknowledged that if people in England were asked if they wanted a Parliament like Scotland's they would overwhelmingly agree. But he added: "I think to then take it a step further and say, 'Actually we want to bust up the UK'... no, I don't think people want to bust up the UK."

So the PM agrees that the people of England want a Parliament. In 1997 he said it was what the people of Scotland wanted and so he granted them a referendum. Why won't he grant the same courtesy to the English?

Quite - basically he doesn't trust the English with democracy...

In other news:

Tony Blair is not Hitler: official | The Register

An advert showing a close-up picture of Tony Blair with a barcode on his top lip was not offensive, the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled.

NO2ID said the photograph of Tony Blair was expertly retouched to make it look like a 1930s portrait and the layout was designed to recall the Nazi era.

They said the photograph did not portray Tony Blair as Hitler but was intended to be a comparison of Tony Blair with Hitler based on policy, not personality.

NO2ID asserted that the ad contained an implicit claim that identity cards were useful to the implementation of Nazi policies across Europe; they argued that that was beyond doubt. They asserted that identity cards themselves had been used to control populations in occupied Europe and were very closely associated with the process of sorting victims for the concentration camps.

They said the ad was intended to be insulting to Tony Blair but argued that insulting a politician was unlikely to offend.



...They said the ad was intended to be insulting to Tony Blair but argued that insulting a politician was unlikely to offend...

So what if it does?

Well, not wishing to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I did manage to get a petition up on the No10 website calling for a referendum on an English Parliament. It's still open so anyone can go and sign it.

Here's the address:


Go on. You know it's the right thing to do.

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