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Charity gets on my goat

Critics urge charities to give up the goat
The promotion of feelgood Christmas gifts such as goats for poor African farmers has provoked an unseasonable war of words between charities.

Oxfam, Christian Aid, Help the Aged and others are wooing the ethical shopper with pictures of cute goats wearing Christmas hats and promises of helping the poor in developing countries.

But the World Land Trust and Animal Aid say that it is “madness” to send goats, cows and chickens to areas where they will add to the problems of drought and desertification.

Horrible animals goats - ruin the land, awful milk, rancid meat and they stink. But don't worry those ethical souls at Christian Aid explain why even if you worry about goats it is all right to give them the dosh:

Christian Aid said that its critics misunderstood its programme. The purchase of a goat, the charity said, did not necessarily mean that a goat was bought. The money would go into a farming and livestock fund that would be distributed by local project managers.

So where it advertises a cuddly goat being presented to a smiling family in your name in fact it means the local white Bwana gets it to spend.....


Not even the local white bwana, he wouldn'tgo out into the field - too many icky refugees and smelly people. The closest he gets to them is the waiter in the bar of the Wilson Q Mbangwa Hilton, Da Capital.

The local guys actually spending the money will be locals, all relatives or lackeys of His Supreme Excellence, President for Life, Wilson Q Mbangwa.

Needless to say these chaps own many goats. And cows, sheep, farms, businesses, mercedes benz motor cars, luxury 4 x 4's etc etc etc.

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