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MoD error management

Marines lose £3,000 allowance - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan who were promised a special allowance amounting to about 」3,000 apiece have instead had the money deducted from their wages in what the Ministry of Defence described as an administrative error....

Navy chiefs were so concerned about the impact of the wage cut on the morale of the troops that they sent out extra human resources staff.

WTF - send out some pen-pushers to counsel them? Let me give you a simpler plan; get some cheque books, a nice comfy chair and a desk and just write out a thousand cheques, and if you have time write - "sorry we cocked up". That is all you need to do.


An ENSA mobile cinema might go down a treat, especially if it was showing the movie of the execution of whatever fuckwit caused the error.

Nothing new there, back when I was getting £13 per day the Army managed to cock up my NI pay so I was doing a 20 hr day for next to nothing. Not even £1 per hour in 1983. Slave labour and when the magical allowance arrived it was only £2.50. I'm glad they allowed us not to pay food and accom charges as I didnt get between the sheets for the first 3 months of that tour!
All this and Tax & NI!

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