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Hello to all my fans - including that bald Sweaty at the Home Office

Guy Fawkes' blog reveals that the Home Office says:

We have 12 librarians that monitor blogs on a daily seven day week basis. These come in as feeds, the tools make the job easier, they cannot replace the skills of the professionals. Fundamental information professional skills of knowing your audience really comes to light. In just over a year it has become a key part of our department service, the benefits include a public enquiries unit that we can alert to media campaigns that are Home Office issues.

Twelve of them working like submariners hot-bunking it in the bowels of the Home Office to listen to the sound and fury of us bloggers, well I hope we help to get the message across and it is money well spent....


What I'd like to know is how they managed to corral twelve libertarians in the first place.

Errrrr wait a minute...

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