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The Scottish Reivers ride out raiding again

Scots won't have to pay £10-a-day road tolls | News | This is London

Motorists in England are facing punitive congestion charges of up to £10 a day but north of the border it's a different story.

Scotland will be exempt from Labour's new laws to be introduced in cities throughout England, a move which has infuriated English MPs.

The Government Bill backed by Transport Minister Douglas Alexander - who is also Secretary of State for Scotland - is to be published in the New Year.

It will lead to a string of schemes modelled on London's £8 congestion charge but in cities where public transport is far less well developed.

The move comes amid growing debate about the so-called West Lothian Question, the constitutional quirk which means Scottish MPs can vote on English laws while the English have only a limited say on what happens north of the border.

Veteran backbencher Andrew MacKinlay said that he was fed up with Scottish Ministers imposing levies on Middle England which their own constituents did not pay.


Are Scottish cities congestion free because so few Scots actually need to get to work!?!

Hello Sir,

To begin, your rules are excellent. I will share them with my friends and students.

As an American, I would like to thank you for your comment about American honesty as a general rule. Of course, generalizations are always to be approached with caution but as a frequent purchaser on eBay I can say that (from my experience) foreign purchases are always fraught with peril (even Canada) whereas I have never had a problem with an American. This does not appear to be based on ethnicity but is simply my experience with American citizens versus all others.

I have noticed one glaring exception to this general experience of mine and that is that British sellers also have posed no problems for me of any kind and neither do I feel any trepidation in sending my money to anyone in the UK. Do you think this could be because of our common cultural/philosophical/societal heritage?

I have some rules to contribute, if I may.

Here is one I tell my students:

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice there is.

Another one:

People are most afraid of others doing to them what they themselves would do to others.

Another one:

Money does not ruin people. It merely allows them to be the way they would have been had they had it all along.

Kind Regards,


P.S. To all those reading this please don't blast me for being xenophobic or racist or whatever. My experiences are what they are. They are not based on ethnicity but simply what countries have been honest with me and what countries have not. And, yes, I recognize that it could have been just my good/bad luck but as I said my experiences are what they are.


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