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Another Last Word on the School Leaving Age Debate

Following from The Last Word on the School Leaving Age
...Sir Barnes Wallis, chose to leave school at 16 with no paper qualifications...

I found this blog post ....
Al Fin: Dropping Out of School to Get Rich

Here are some billionaires who dropped out to get rich:

Bill Gates
Larry Ellison
Steve Jobs
Michael Dell

Here are some wealthy and famous persons who dropped out of high school:

Here is a long list of famous and wealthy dropouts at Wikipedia.

Here is a super-list of celebrity dropouts.

The fact is, if you are good at filling a perceived need of the public, government, or commercial interests, you may have a better chance of being successful by making your own way, than by staying in cookie cutter assembly line style of conformist education, oppressed by mindless politically correct guidelines.


The school leaving age will be raised to lower unemployment figures.

Better extra cost, disruption and overstretched classrooms than the newspaper headline of 2 MILLION UNEMPLOYED.

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