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Folic Acid Bollocks fro The Times

Folic acid may be ‘force fed’ via bread
Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Correspondent

BRITAIN will take the first step towards mass medication of the population this week with the publication of proposals to add the vitamin folic acid to bread.

A report commissioned by ministers will recommend the compulsory fortification of flour and bread with folic acid to help prevent babies being born with birth defects.

Don't these people do any research? Don't they know how to use Google?
As any fule knows and I have pointed out before..

Our flour is already "fortified" by law and that this doesn't have to be noted on the label, and yes it applies to those lovely organic handmilled on the thighs of Dorset virgin brands as well...

By law, white and brown flour is fortified with calcium, iron, thiamin and niacin. Because it is made from the whole wheat grain, wholemeal flour already contains these vitamins and minerals, although white and brown flour contain more calcium because of fortification.
Calcium carbonate (E170) is added to all brown and white flour products in the UK and has been a legal requirement for almost 5 years. This is carried out to ensure that vulnerable groups receive enough calcium in their diet. On average 20% of the UK dietary calcium intake is accounted for via bread and flour products. Other legally required additives in bread include iron and B-Vitamins.

See Statutory Instrument 1998 No. 141


I think you might be (un)suprised to learn that Mr. Blair dropped that flour requirement a few years back, on the grounds that everyone was well-fed enough these days! I'm sure it was lobbying by the cheap food producers, who wanted to increase profits by lowering quality, though.

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