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Over to you Kim

Blind may get right to hunt

AUSTIN The blind will be able to go hunting if a Texas Bill becomes law.

They would have to be accompanied by a sighted hunter, who would help to guide their shots, and carry proof that they were legally blind. The law will also allow them to use a laser sight — a device forbidden to sighted hunters.

Edmund Kuempel, a State Representative, who introduced the Bill, said: “This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that’s great.”

I feel discriminated against - why can't those of us who have difficulty hitting the barn door with buckshot at twenty paces also get help?

I am predicting a rush on paramedics this morning as the denizens of Islington read this over their muesli and their brains boil as they reconcile their pro-disability and anti-shooting prejudices...


I sniff an opportunity here, Mr. E.

Why not check to see where next the scrofulous PETA types are going to be holding their next anti-hunting demonstration?

Then recruit Blind Pew to The Cause, give him a shotgun, and errrrr well, you can fill in the blanks, as it were.

1.) You can rid the world of some PETA scruffs.
2.) Blind Pew will NEVER be prosecuted, no matter how many he takes down.
3.) You can plead that you were overcome with a sneezing fit / asthma attack, and Pew mistook your sneeze for a command to fire.

Just don't let him reload, or Their Lordships may smell a rat.

Borrow Mr. FM's semi-auto shotgun.

Can't be much more dangerous than hunting with Dick Cheney

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