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Slashing the troops' allowance

Telegraph | News | MPs "misled over troop payments"

Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, was accused of misleading Parliament last night after he told MPs that plans to scrap allowances for troops who spend long periods away from home would "not take one penny away from anybody".

Mr Browne came under fire after a leaked Ministry of Defence document, seen by The Daily Telegraph, revealed he had been told a week before his statement in the Commons that there would be "losers" under the reforms.

It is a pity that "Des" won't be a bloody loser under this regime, I'm not the sort of person who recommends barrack room justice but just sometimes.....


I don't know if the post of Cabinet ministers turns such people into liars or if telling of falsehoods is a prerequisite for the job. If, as he claims, no one will be a penny worse off, what is the purpose of the change? The troops are already unsettled over the monsterous error that told Marines they would get an allowance and then promptly cancelled it so any change in status quo re allowances will naturally be regarded as a rip off - again.

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