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The wheels on the bus go round and round

Bus operators will lose right to set fares and timetables - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

Private bus operators will be stripped of their powers to set fares, frequencies and timetables, under proposals aimed at reversing 20 years of decline.
The competition laws will be relaxed ....
If the proposals become law, local authorities will be allowed to establish contracts if they can demonstrate that there is a public interest in removing control from the operators.

No no no - this isn't the creeping hand of socialism, nationalisation and state control, that is all "so last century", this is modern dynamic competitive measures for THE ENVIRONMENT; can't have people travelling willy-nilly as they want in their own cars when they could be forced to queue up in the rain for the privilege of travelling in a stinking diesel smoking monster that takes them where they don't want to go at times that don't suit. It's for the planet, don't you understand?


How the hell is that going to work? Forcing people to man unpopular routes etc. We may as well bring it under council control and screw everything up.

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