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O Tempora, O Mores

End of the bath? Climate change prompts council plans for 'shower-only' bathrooms | News | This is London

Moves to tackle climate change may spell the end of the bath.
A London council is set to introduce planning rules encouraging builders to provide only a shower.

Now Tory-run Barnet council ...

If someone failed to check whether a bath could be left out it would be a "material consideration" in deciding whether to grant permission. Schemes that include a bath unnecessarily could be refused.

"Tory run"? I think this justifies the ancient Roman belief that we are a bunch of savages without appreciation of civilisation, with the Green Tories leading the rush back to the stone age as fast as they can...


This is intrusion into people's private lives worthy of NuLabour

We'll be back to the tin bath in front of the fire before you know it. Bath filled from a water butt of course.

Practically any space that can hold a bath can also hold a shower. Is anyone going to check whether buildings with planning permission for a shower have had a bath put in instead?

Jester, don't forget the plans for council tax valuers to be allowed access to your property.

Back to the good old days of putting a table cloth over the TV or in this case the bath.

I'm a little surprised about this, I didn't think that your average eco-nutter even knew what a bath was let alone that it was something that should be banned.

They could always hide their bath under - ooh, a pile of coal, say.

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