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Veggie Bollocks

BBC NEWS | Health | High IQ link to being vegetarian

Intelligent children are more likely to become vegetarians later in life, a study says.

A Southampton University team found those who were vegetarian by 30 had recorded five IQ points more on average at the age of 10.

There was no difference in IQ score between strict vegetarians and those who said they were vegetarian but who reported eating fish or chicken.

Researchers said the findings were partly related to better education and higher occupational social class, but it remained statistically significant after adjusting for these factors.

I wish John at Numberwatch had the energy to go through the figures but my cursory look suggests that it is simply that the distribution of meat eaters is across the whole IQ spectrum, including the knuckle-dragger end as well as the "top" end, whereas the prissy veggies, and especially the pretend veggies, concentrate at the Guardian reading point of the IQ scale. And is there anything more pathetic than being a pretend veggie? A pretend Duke or war hero may be reprehensible but at least they wish to be something better than they are....


But I like eating meat.

but I like killing stuff & eating it

This was the report in the Indy.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, was based on more than 8,000 people born in 1970 whose IQ was measured at age 10. Now aged 36, the researchers found 366, just under one in 20, said they were vegetarians (a third of these ate chicken or fish but none touched red meat).

In other words, 122 thought chicken and fish were vegetables, how bright is that?

I have accepted the invitation to comment at http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/2006%20December.htm#intelligence

How much brainpower does it take to creep up on a lettuce and kill it? And actually, harbinger, if you think about the principal ingredients of, say, a chicken and mushroom pie, it is hard to decide which is more stupid: the chicken or the mushrooms. Chickens are borderline vegetables, like food scientists.

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