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Let us now praise..

Operational Honours - Full List - Times Online


Victoria Cross: Corporal Bryan James Budd, The Parachute Regiment (killed in action).

George Cross: Corporal Mark William Wright, The Parachute Regiment (killed in action).

Mrs Budd received the VC on behalf of her husband, who died in August. Although injured, he continued with a lone assault on the Taleban, “attacking and killing the enemy as he rushed their position. His action inspired the rest of the platoon, who had taken cover after coming under enemy fire. They reorganised and mounted an attack, eliminating more Taleban and eventually forcing their withdrawal. When Corporal Budd’s body was later recovered, it was found surrounded by three dead Taleban.”

Corporal Budd, 29, from Ripon, North Yorkshire, had been involved in an earlier attack, on July 27, in which he also displayed exceptional courage while rescuing a wounded colleague under fire.

Mrs Budd, a clerk in the Royal Artillery, said: “Bryan will always be remembered by me as a loving husband and father to our two beautiful daughters, Isabelle and Imogen.” Imogen was born a month after Corporal Budd died. He is only the second recipient of the VC in 24 years.
Corporal Wright, 27, from Edinburgh, was killed while trying to save comrades trapped in a minefield in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.

These stories are buried in the inside pages with the front pages taken up with froth and nonsense about poltroons, spivs and air-heads. I'm sure I'm not alone in preferring these men to Di, Dodi, Toni and Levy....


Well said.

It really does make you wonder.

That said, whilst there have been times in the past (including the not so distant past) when the deeds of our gallant and patriotic services have received their due respect and attention, the froth always manage to look after themselves.

Hats off and another set of names to remember for remembrance!

Come come sir, you should know that media manangement is much more important than tales of heroism ... might offend certain minorities sensibilities if the front pages very covered with pictures of square jawed Sqts lobbing 'eggs' into rooms shouting "share this one out, towel'eads" & "give 'em a warm welcome lads" etc etc Corp Jones .... "dont like it up 'em" ... cold steel .... wibble ..... parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!

Calm down Mr FM, pub's open soon...

You can judge a nation by those it calls heroes

Cpl Budd would have chosen an airstrike over a postumous vc any day.

Labour cuts cost British lives.

Why should a terrorist join the Taliban when he can vote Labour

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