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Let Him Have It - Brown

Telegraph | News | Brown denies all knowledge of loans affair

Brown had a difficult upbringing during which he suffered serious injury from a V1 flying bomb and developed epilepsy. He was of limited intelligence (mental age of 11), easily influenced, and unable to read or write. Together with Tony Blair, aged 16, he broke into a warehouse in Croydon, Surrey, England on 2 November 1952. Tony had a revolver. The two youths were spotted climbing a drain pipe to the roof and the police were called.

When the police arrived, the two boys hid behind a lift-housing. Detective Constable Frederick Fairfax climbed the drain pipe onto the roof and managed to grab Brown. Brown managed to break free and was said by a number of police witnesses to have shouted "Let him have it, Tony". Tony opened fire with his revolver, grazing Fairfax's shoulder; nevertheless Fairfax managed to arrest Brown, who told him that Tony had a Colt .45 and plenty of ammunition. The weapon was in fact a Colt in .455 Eley calibre, for which Tony had a variety of undersized rounds, some of which he had had to modify to fit the gun. The weapon had also had more than half of its barrel sawn off by Tony, so that it would fit in his pocket.

Following the arrival of more policemen, a group was sent onto the roof. The first to reach the roof was Police Constable Sidney Miles, who was immediately killed by a shot to the head. After exhausting his ammunition, Tony jumped some ten metres from the roof, fracturing his spine and left wrist, at which point he was arrested.



Brilliant, utterly brilliant...

Sounds like a tragic waste of a perfectly nice Webley 455 , fancy chopping the barrel )+:

Despite his obvious guilt numerous dippy bleeding-heart liberal types then spent 45 years campaigning for Brown to be pardoned and for his reputation to be "restored".

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