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Devils without skirts

Telegraph | News | Scots troops must share their kilts

Soldiers in Scotland's new "super regiment" have to share kilts because of a shortage of the ceremonial dress.
The Royal Regiment of Scotland has 5,000 soldiers but just 320 kilts, just one for every 15 men.
The kilts are worn during ceremonial or public duties.
The shortage comes after the Army decided to end its 150-year association with Borders-based kilt makers Robert Noble, which has produced military tartan since 1850.
The Army has put to tender a £1 million contract for the new kilts. It has received 320 "trial" kilts but will not receive a full set until 2008.

When you can't even dress the men then you know defence spending is a disgrace!

This fetching Camo pattern kilt is available from The Kilt Store for £145 and a matching sporran is yours for £65, a total of £200; which is what the MoD is paying per kilt, delivery in 4-6 weeks, not 18 months.....



Has anyone asked the former Royal Scots, King's Own Scottish Borderers and Royal Highland Fusiliers what they think about wearing skirts?

As I understood it Lowland regiments wore trews while the kilt was the preserve of the Hairy Highlanders. Or does the MOD classify all jocks as the same sort of heathen?

love the posture. Hand on hips. Slight kink at the hips. A professional modelle no doubt.

Actually most of the Lowland regiments wore kilts until the early 1920s! We have NEVER had ceremonial kit for all our Jocks - only enough to cover Edinburgh Castle guards and the Royal Guard at Holyroodhouse and Balmoral/Ballater.

Since we tend to wear Combat 95 all the time anyway, the only people wearing kilts in the Battalions are officers and SNCOs and other duty personnel. The pipers have retained the kilts of their former regiments thus The Highlanders Pipes still wear Cameron of Erracht and the Royals wear Royal Stuart.

That said - typical MoD - cut kilts, stop parachute training and so on yet always seem to have enough for the civilians sitting on their fat wobbly bums in Whitehall....there are something like 50 Xmas parties going on there this week and the booze is paid for by us!

Why is the 'model' also sporting a Confederate flag buckle?

OK, so there are 320 -new- kilts for the Regiment - but what happened to all the 'old' ones? The new Regiment's tartan pattern is the same as that worn by the former 'Black Watch' - and they never had a shortage of uniforms that I've read of. I suspect the RSM will have no problem ensuring his lads turn out proper on parade.

Stuart - you're joking, right? US Confererate flag? That's The Saltire, the flag of Scotland, you numbskull!

As for para training - there was a similar hue and cry a couple of yea

Just curious, when was the last time the UK Armed forces' Scottish units wore Kilts in battle, as opposed to merely for ceremonial purposes? The Great War? WW2?

I guess the idea of wearing anything like the above today in combination with an actual modern combat tunic would strike nearly all Scots troops as ridiculous, but I think that's almost pity. But then, I'm an American of Scots decent and not a true blooded Scotsman, so pardon my daft colonial notions about my distant ancestral homeland that I've yet had the chance to visit. ;-)

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