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Fancy Dress Foils Customs

A man who was being hunted for the murder of a policewoman is understood to have escaped from Britain by disguising himself as a veiled Muslim woman....At the time, Jama was Britain’s most wanted man, while Heathrow was on a heightened state of alert after the 7/7 terrorist atrocities in London five months previously...
David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, called for an urgent inquiry into the security breach. “The idea that in any circumstances you could be let through passport control wearing a veil is barely credible,” he said. “Doing so when an all-persons bulletin for murder has been issued demonstrates that our borders are not just porous — they are non-existent.”...(Times)

In the privacy of your own home, or on the streets providing you don't frighten the horses, you should be able to wear what you like. Church of England clergy wear lovely frocks and flowing robes, both on and off duty, so religious cross dressing has a long history on these isles, but I would expect even the Arch Bish himself to be asked to knock off the bishop's hat to go through customs....


This story is abolutely disgraceful and utterly believeable as anyone who has passed through passport control might tell you.

Whilst "our borders are not just porous — they are non-existent" is a brilliantly accurate line, the Tories are not blameless and not just because they, I believe, got rid of embarkation controls. The Tories should have been putting the boot into New Labour from day one after they lost the election in '97 rather than sitting around in shock wondering what had happened like a jilted adolescent.

"The Tories should have been putting the boot into New Labour from day one".

Of course they should - and did, until Mr Cameron became leader. From that point on the "opposition" stopped opposing and adopted wet, green, "tax and spend", "all shall have prizes" policies. The result: with the police at No 10, the post office network in terminal decline, the NHS grossly mismanaged at enormous cost, our soldiers grossly under/badly equipped, crap education, immigration still out of control and the police being increasingly ineffective against real crime the Cameron "Conservatives" still cannot manage a lead in the polls sufficient to ensure a comfortable majority - to quote the Guardian today

"Meanwhile Conservative support seems to have reached a maximum of 40%, almost certainly not enough to give Mr Cameron a majority at a general election. Although the result would leave him as leader of the largest party, Conservatives have yet to break through to an election-winning position"

Even so, the Guardian appears very positive about Cameron's progress since last year. Perhaps it senses - as does everybody else who isn't in denial - that if Cameron manages to win the next general election nothing will change.

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