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Today we sing the old songs

all_cannings_church.jpg On an ancient mound surrounded by yew trees the Church has "it’s origins in Norman times. However, it underwent significant rebuilding in the early part of the 14th century.(As the church website apologetically puts it.)
I was baptised there, married a previous Mrs Englishman there, had my children christened and said goodbye to my parents there. Whilst I leave the God bothering to others I will be there this morning to watch my little girl sing the old carols at a candlelit service - I think I better pack an extra handkerchief in case I get some grit in my eye...


merry christmas to the castle family and thanks for all the entertaining musings , for me they are as much a part of my everyday reading as the Daily hate Mail (+:
(extra asylum seeker bashing this week)


Sounds idyllic and almost makes me homesick.

Have an extra sniffle for me during the service and a merry Christmas to all at the Castle.


I too am an atheist, but (like Oriana Fallaci) a Christian atheist.

Bad stuff, that grit. Pack an extra hankie.

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