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Answers please

Talking to Mr FM this evening we both agreed that we had spent more time choosing a tie than choosing which car to buy. Is this a defining characteristic of an English Gentleman or are we a pair of old Brummellian queens?


Is it

A) I walk into our local Landrover dealer & point at the nearest one & announce that I will have it


B) Mrs FM tells me 'we' have bought a new car

You decide what really happens!

Oh, come on. The decision as to which car should take no longer than a few minutes, because you've already decided that 99% of all cars are overpriced crap, if not just plain crap.

But think of all the variants of ties... hell, I even take a couple of ties with me when I travel overseas.

Times worn: zero.

Doesn't matter. Ties are the best, and worthy of endless deliberation.

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