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Bringing Gifts, Gold...

Telegraph | News | Crime about to rise and swamp prisons, warns Blair team

A document drawn up by Tony Blair's strategy unit warns that a slowdown in economic growth is threatening to reverse recent falls in crime. It predicts that the jail population could rise by 25 per cent, topping 100,000 within the next five years, and outstripping the planned rate of growth in prison places.

It says the Government should consider drastic crime-curbing remedies used abroad, such as rationing the amount of alcohol people can buy, a ban on alcohol advertising, ID chip implants, the use of bounty hunters and "chemical castration" for sex offenders.

Mad, they have gone mad - there is no other explanation..

The 60-page report, Policy Review: Crime, Justice and Cohesion, written last month, also makes controversial observations about social cohesion. In a blow to Labour's record, it speaks of a growing wealth gap, saying: "The very poorest have got poorer since 1997."

Oh yes there is - it is due to not enough socialism, we should shovel more money at the Burberry Apes and hope they won't then rob us....


Are they confusing poverty with inequality again?
Are they blaming crime on poverty again?
Are they wanting to curb our freedoms again?
Are they blaming everything except themselves again?

For 50 years we have given more and more power to the state only for them to ask for more. This socialist experiment is a failure.

Last rant before Christmas - Merry Christmas Everyone!

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