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Union Blues

Telegraph | News | Britain's 300th birthday 'ignored'

The 300th birthday of Great Britain is to pass next year without any major celebrations.

January 16 sees the tricentenary of the Act of Union which merged the parliaments of England and Scotland in 1707.

Historians consider it one of the most important events in the nation's history, laying the foundations for imperial expansion a century later.

But beyond striking a commemorative £2 coin and staging an exhibition in the House of Lords, there are no plans for anything more celebratory south of the border. By contrast, £20m is being spent on commemorating the abolition of slavery, which will also be marked by a £2 coin....

"It is almost as if the Government is embarrassed about our history."

I suppose it would be a bit like a Wedding Anniversary Dinner with the divorce paper server hovvering at the door. A shame though when a Union that was a magnificent, powerful and beneficial creation has been reduced to this sorry state by mendacious gutter politicians....


I like coins. However, I live in the United States so can I get one?

Yes. I think that it is a bit sad. Thanks for this historical pointer.

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