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The Neotenification Of The Western Male

Kim du Toit The Pussification Of The Western Male

"We have become a nation of women."

Of course I wouldn't disagree with my old friend Kim but I have been noticing a different slant to the same problem.

"We have become a nation of children"

Look around you at men of your age, still dressed as teenagers, still doing teenage things. Al Fin has collected and opined on this physiological neoteny at length and quotes:

...it seems a growing number of people are retaining the behaviors and attitudes associated with youth.

As a consequence, many older people simply never achieve mental adulthood, according to a leading expert on evolutionary psychiatry.

...Formal education now extends well past physical maturity, leaving students with minds that are, he said, “unfinished.”

“The psychological neoteny effect of formal education is an accidental by-product — the main role of education is to increase general, abstract intelligence and prepare for economic activity,” he explained.

“But formal education requires a child-like stance of receptivity to new learning, and cognitive flexibility."

"When formal education continues into the early twenties," he continued, "it probably, to an extent, counteracts the attainment of psychological maturity, which would otherwise occur at about this age.”

Charlton pointed out that past cultures often marked the advent of adulthood with initiation ceremonies.

While the human mind responds to new information over the course of any individual’s lifetime, Charlton argues that past physical environments were more stable and allowed for a state of psychological maturity. In hunter-gatherer societies, that maturity was probably achieved during a person’s late teens or early twenties, he said.

“By contrast, many modern adults fail to attain this maturity...

So combine the mind numbing effects of modern schooling with the infantile "Yoof" culture so ably marketed to the gullible and we have ended up with a nation of children.

Of course girls become women, largely because, I think, biology forces them to do so; but boys stay as boys. Boys used to have men to look up to, now all they see is a continuum of immature behaviour stretching away in front of them to the soup dribblers shuffling in their slippers and romper suits.

We gave up adult initiation ceremonies a long time ago, though putting on a uniform and breaking the square had and still has the right effect, and so this problem grows as each generation follows a more immature one.

The upside is that these immature minds are more receptive and adaptable, more suitable to modern commerce, but at what cost to society?

What became of When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Corinthians 13:11?


Yeah, all those silly twats who still profess an interest in pop music. Pathetic, innit?

Men and women who have to live by their wits, mature. This happens in Captialism. Socialism, with handouts direct to the females, ensures maturity from males to men and females to women does not happen. They live as perpetual children.
The Chinese have not matured at all. There is no John Wayne but John Woo.

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