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Old Bearded Terrorist Gets Just Rewards

The Times - Unionists demanded to know yesterday whether a secret deal had been struck with Gerry Adams to allow fugitive IRA terrorists back to Northern Ireland in return for Sinn Fein endorsing the police.

As Sinn Fein’s executive backed Mr Adams’s proposal for a special party conference on the issue, Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionists asked what concessions had been granted to the Sinn Fein leader to ensure republican support for the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Lord Morrow, the Democratic Unionist chairman, said: “Unionists today are asking the question, what further concessions has Government given in return for this latest statement by Adams? On the Runs has been one of Sinn Fein/IRA’s demands for movement. Are we now to accept this has been delivered?”

I'm surprised, surprised because I thought Tony had already bent over ready greased to Gerry Adams and given him everything he wanted. But no, the lovable old rogue demands a bit more felching before he nobly condescends to recognise the emasculated Police Force.


Call me an old fashioned Unionist but I think there is a better way to deal with old bearded terrorists....


Whats the point?
James Dyson, invents something revolutionary, closes the UK manufacturing plant, ships production overseas to make bigger profits, and receives a knighthood for it.........?

It is a joke.

If I had my way instead of opening up the honours system I'd restrict it, perhpas only to the armed and emergency services. Ming you they promised (I think it was the CinC) my father something for 45 odd years service and he got nowt. At least he got his pension.

Apologies, I've just realised that I've inadvertently posted on the wrong thread.

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