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Opposing the death penalty

Saddam's death - BBC has brought out a lot of handwringers pontificating against the death penalty.

As you might expect I'm also against the death penalty - I don't trust the government, full stop. So why should I want our leaders to have the power of life and death over us individuals? I'm not sure I am so against us individuals stringing up a few of our leaders though. But whatever I won't shed any tears for Saddam and to use him as an example of why the death penalty is wrong is bizarre and counter-productive.
And the unassailable argument against the death penalty? with Tony away in Miami John Prescott is in charge, would you trust him with the power to put his cross on a hanging warrant?


Yes, with you there. Have a Happy New Year as well.

Not very sporting though was it! Definitely not British!
No, much better to have given the old devil ten minutes head start and gone after him with a couple of 4 bores, or better still puckle guns with the square bore barrel!

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