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Strange Dreams but True

Do you ever wake up from a comfortable snooze on the sofa of sloth and then spend some time having to disentangle dreams from the truth?

Having awoken from a short power nap I have had to check:
1) No I didn't get my scrotum tattooed last night, thank God, that would have been hard to explain.
2) Tony Blair is still in power, now that is harder to explain.
3) A valley in Chad - not Chad Valley, the toy maker or in Somerset, provides the fertiliser for the Amazon rainforest: now that is the hardest to explain but it is true:

United Press International - NewsTrack - Dust from Chad sustains Amazon rain forest
More than half of the dust needed to fertilize the rainforest in Brazil comes from a valley in the African country of Chad, researchers said.

An international research team found 50 million tons of dust blow from Africa to the Amazon region annually, a much higher figure than the previously estimated 13 million tons, the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science said in a news release. The new estimate matched calculations on the quantity of dust needed to supply minerals for the continued existence of the Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest depends on minerals washed off by rain from the soil in the Sahara Desert and blown across the Atlantic Ocean as dust, the institute said.

Researchers said the Bodele valley in Chad played an important role as a rainforest dust source because of its shape and geographic features. The valley is flanked by basalt mountain ridges, which create a cone-shaped crater with a narrow opening in the northeast, resulting in a wind tunnel of sorts, researchers said. As a result, gusts of surface wind lift the dust from the ground and blow it toward the ocean.


Incredible that it manages to cross the Atlantic Westwards against the prevailing wind too. Or does it cross the Pacific on the long dust route? Scientists. There's nothing they don't know. Maybe I should start to believe in global warming too.

Tripper, it sounds as if it's using the same easterlies that Columbus did. The westerlies that took Columbus home lie further north.

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