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Calling all workers

Telegraph | News | Cameron sets his stall out for 'the workers'

As I toured the estate yesterday, giving out hampers to the poor widows and a guinea to all the workers, they were very pleased to see me and told me I was the man for them. I understand them, one can't have servants around all the time without understanding their mindset, only the other day I offered to take my own plates to the scullery after dinner to show I am prepared to knuckle down and work like a ....thingy. Jolly decent sorts the working classes, in fact my first act as Prime Minister will be to bring back Workers Playtime on the Home Service so they can whistle along - eh?

A Brown-supporting Labour MP described the message as "tosh" and added: "If Cameron really understood working people he would know they prefer politicians to shut up and let them enjoy their Christmas holidays without all these ridiculous messages.
"Who does he think he is? The Queen?"


I've set up my mobile phone to strike up Calling all workers when a call comes in. Cunning huh? Nobody ever calls me mind...

Who does he think he is? Some muslim woman in a sack?

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