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Out with the old.

Britons happier, but not with Britain - Sunday Times - Times Online

BRITONS are upbeat about their prospects in life but fear the country as a whole is on a downward spiral, according to a YouGov poll published by The Sunday Times today. ...

Asked how they had fared in 2006, 40% of people said they had had a good year, 24% said it had been bad, while the remainder said it was neither good nor bad.

The findings, however, were starkly different when people were questioned about how the past 12 months had been for Britain in general. Only 7% said it had been good, while 55% thought it had been bad.

A similar contrast was highlighted when people were asked about their own prospects for 2007 compared with their level of optimism about the nation as a whole for the coming year.

Just over one in 10 people (11%) believe that Britain has become a better place to live over the past five years, compared with 62% who said it had got worse.

Put me in the majority - 2006 not bad with family and friends but crap for the country - good riddance to it.


I must admit I'm not looking forward to Gordon Brown becoming PM but I do look forward to all the squabbles as Labour disintegrate around him!

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