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Will the BBC listen to it listeners?

BBC - Radio 4 - Today - 20006 Vote

The winning law that you want repealed is:

The Hunting Act with 52.8%

Dangerous Dogs Act: 1.6%
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act : 6.2%
Human Rights Act: 6.1%
European Communities Act : 29.7%
The Act of Settlement: 3.6%

And that was just my votes.....


I was just upset we could only chose one.

Much as I hate the Hunting Act, the really important one to repeal is the European Communities Act.

Did you hear the BBC's reaction to this? Paraphrased as "Not fair! The Countryside Alliance told everyone to vote. We're taking our ball home".

"Countryside Alliance told everyone to vote"

Sounds perfectly plausible as nobody mentions the odious and unconstitutional Firearms Acts

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