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Something for the weekend Sir?

Warning to walkers after dog owner menaced by wild boar - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

DARTMOOR Walkers have been told to beware of wild boar after a dog owner was menaced by an escaped animal.

Farmers around Buckland Monachorum, near Tavistock, Devon, believe that a herd of around 30 boar is living on the western edge of the moor.

A number of local people have spotted the animals, which are thought to be breeding after escaping or being released from farms.

The animals have upset many nature lovers by rooting up land on the open moor and making it unusable for the resident sheep and ponies.

The first boar were spotted in the area just hours after 100 of them were freed by animal rights extremists...

Oh, I'm going down to a farm there next weekend for a lunch and a wander round, what should I pack?


Well, the traditionalist in me would say a polo pony and a very sharp lance. But if you're anything like me (ie a coward and no horseman), I'd suggest something self-loading in a large calibre:-)

A dog and a big knife!

Running shoes

Running shoes AND TOILET PAPER!
If they can be killed stone dead with a 177 airgun why not pack one of those?

An “animal rights extremist” bound hand and foot and smeared in marmalade.

You could use it as bait……or entertainment.

Surely more fun than having a wild bore, which is what we had to endure in west Somerset. Full of blazer badges and cravats it was a sight, when in full flow, to belold.

Take the Greener with 12 gauge slugs.

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