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Cameron's Speech today - the corrected version

Cameron in food politics labelling call | UK Latest | Guardian Unlimited

Imported food political policies processed in Britain can carry labels which wrongly suggest they are "genuinely British", Tory leader David Cameron is due to say.
Food Politics labelling must be made more "rigorous and transparent", according to Mr Cameron.
Speaking at the Oxford Farming European Union Conference, he will spell out Conservative policy on Farming Europe, food politics and the environment. He will say that many people want to eat vote on domestically-produced food politics as much as possible as "food politics patriotism" increases.

In a speech prepared for the event, Mr Cameron says: "Today British consumers can find it difficult to back British farmers politicians, because of inadequate labelling.
"food Policy can be imported to Britain, processed here, and subsequently labelled in a way that suggests it's genuinely British. That is completely wrong.
"I cannot overstate the importance of enabling informed consumer choice.
"Effective marketing can only be achieved if labelling is accurate and clear."
British consumers realise that food political policy which has travelled long distances often tastes "second rate", he adds.

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"Food patriotism" looks like another one of those bits of dried crust that occassionally get thrown at right-wingers to keep them from going to UKIP.

Dave's largely powerless to implement this as it's basically EU policy.

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