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Paperclips by the right....

The 」7 million guide to a tidy desk - Britain - Times Online
Michael Horsnell

Red tape has given way to black marker tape for thousands of bemused civil servants as part of a £7 million paperclip revolution aimed at ensuring that they keep the tools of their trade in the right place.

Office workers have been given the tape to mark out where they should put their pens and pencils, their computer keyboards and to indicate where to place their phones.

A spokeswoman for Revenue & Customs said: “It is only right that those staff who now share desk space with their colleagues are given advice and support in deciding how to make the most efficient use of the space available.” She said that staff could still move things on their desk to positions that suited them best.

George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, joined the criticism of the project, blaming Gordon Brown. He said: “On the day that it is revealed that nurses are being sacked and operations are being cancelled, we hear that Gordon Brown is spending £7.4 million telling civil servants where to put their paperclips.

“People are wondering where their money has gone, and now they know.”

"A tidy desk is a sign of an empty mind" - If you can't organise your own desk you shouldn't be allowed anything sharper than a bloody crayon. No wonder the whole bloody system is in chaos if this the level of nannying they subject their staff to.

On a personal note I wonder if it is because they are regimenting their biros and corralling their post-it notes they can't get their fecking act together; Cheltenham tax office believes they owe me a couple of hundred pounds in tax rebate whilst Gloucester are sending me a court summons for underpayment of tax on money I didn't earn.


Indicative of a Government obsessed with controlling our every thought and deed.

My desk looks like a bloody junkshop and I have one of the most organised minds I know of. Sometimes the red mist descends and I have visions of trying to free my bayonet from where it's got pinned in the vertebrae of these arseholes.

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