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Alternate Weekly Collection of Rubbish - I Smell A Rat

It's one rat per person as an old threat returns - Britain - Times Online

The reduction in rubbish collections is being blamed for record numbers of rats, which it has been claimed are an increasing threat to public health.

The brown rat population has surged by 39 per cent in 2005 according to the National Pest Technicians Association. It said that fortnightly collections and the widespread use of composting bins was exacerbating the problem...

John Davidson, chief executive for the NPTA, was particularly worried at the rise in brown rats, Rattus norvegicus. He said: “It’s a grave problem. The way this is growing, it is going to give rise to some kind of public health risk. What will it take for someone to take notice about what it going on?” Included among the risks posed by rats is the spread of Weil’s disease, a bacterial infection that kills about a dozen people in Britain every year. Other diseases spread by rats include toxoplasmosis and salmonella.

Despite tonnes of poison being laid out annually, more than 70 million brown rats are now estimated to be scurrying around Britain, more than one for every human.

Over now to Councillor Chris Humpries, Leader of Kennet Council who says:

As leader of Kennet District Council I am responsible for ensuring that the Councils services are delivered in a cost efficient and effective manner to meet the needs of the districts residents

One of the Councils major improvements in service delivery this year will be the way that your refuse and recycling is collected...

Strange he doesn't seem to mention encouraging rats and disease....


I suspect there is a direct correlation between the number of rats and the number, power and control mentality of bureaucRATS. Both are equally bad for one's health and well-being. If we could only cull one group I'd vote for the latter. If we shot one in four the rest might become a little more servile and respectful to those who pay for the upkeep of their useless carcasses. Or should it be three in four?

Someone told me recently that wherever you are, you are never more than 5 feet from a rat! I recall some years ago being told that they were 30 feet away, so the sods are gaining on me.
Anyway, I decided to look for my rat and found it in the chicken shed enjoying the facilities. I have invited it to try a piece of chocolate attached to a spring trap, but he declined the offer. I stood around on a couple of evenings with my old Webley & Scott air rifle ready to welcome him home, but no joy! I have been wondering if anyone has any other helpful suggestions. Poison is not something I favour with chickens about and besides, its not very sporting in my view.

Thank you so much for pointing out that there is one rat for every person in the UK. However, you have neglected to mention how I can claim mine.

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