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And the forecast for this year is..

Farmer Giles and the elephant grass - Comment - Times Online

Last year was reportedly the hottest since records began. This year, with the El Ni effect, is set to be hotter still. Only nine years ago, at the Kyoto summit, the predictions about climate change seemed weird and remote. A few cold winters in the 1960s had caused some scientists to speculate about a coming Ice Age; perhaps science would be wrong again. It seems not...

Ice caps are melting; peculiarly named snails are creeping along the Scottish coast; birds are forgetting to migrate. The climate is changing so rapidly that we can watch the process unfold....

our biggest problem could be the relative attractiveness of the climate, on which literally hungry glances will be cast by refugees from flooded coastal regions and the new deserts....


Last year was NOT the "hottest year since records began" that record is still held by 1998.

And of course, "since records began" usually refers to the Central England Temperature record, which began - roughly - around the height of the "Little Ice Age".

If we had records going back into the Middle Ages, we would find that the current slight warming is nothing at all unusual.

Of course that won't stop all the usual suspects using these scares to increase taxes. Any excuse will do, after all, and fresh excuses are constantly needed.

Does this mean we are getting rid of our crap climate??

Oh yes, and it's going to get wetter. or drier.
Which is it now?

/from a sodden patch of Westmorland/

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