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Miliband goes on adventure.

Fish and chip shops are dangerous places for politicians, as Labour spin doctors know. Peter Mandelson’s image never recovered after he mistook the mushy peas for guacamole at his local chippie in Hartlepool; and in these health-conscious times, it wouldn’t do for an ambitious young cabinet minister to be seen tucking in to such fatty fare with too much alacrity.

So it’s a surprise to find David Miliband, the environment secretary, carefree when he arrives for the reopening of Colmans of South Shields, an award-winning fish and chip shop in his constituency.

Indeed Miliband is practically skipping with enthusiasm...

“The food here’s fantastic, and I’m having full lashings,”

A cross between Fotherington-Thomas and Billy Bunter - what a jolly little chap our Boy David is!

So how is the environment secretary going to get people to change the way they behave? While cynics and those with vested interests mock the efforts of individuals as small beer, questioning whether recycling the odd baked bean can and composting tea bags is worth the trouble given the dismal bigger picture, Miliband is convinced we must all do our bit.

“Individuals can make a difference,” he says. “If you count energy, transport and food, 44% of total emissions come from households. Individuals will make the difference between cracking and not cracking this global warming phenomenon.

Who could mock such rosy cheeked optimism, don't you just want to ruffle his hair and give him half a crown to spend at the tuck shop and leave all the worrying to the grown ups?


"Hullo sky, hullo clouds, hullo complementary bowl of guacamole," quoth the weed Cameron-Thomas.

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