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Doing right

Telegraph | News | Minister's choice of private school is 'slap in face' for state education

Labour faced fresh accusations of hypocrisy last night after it emerged that the child of a Cabinet minister had been removed from a state school to be educated in the private sector.

The move, the latest in a series of "defections" by the children of Labour MPs from state to private schools, was branded a "slap in the face" by a senior backbencher.

Ian Gibson, the Labour MP for Norwich North, said the decision was "wrong" and the minister involved should "set an example" by supporting state education.

"It's a slap in the face for the teachers and the pupils in the school that the child has been taken out of."

The minister, who cannot be named because of a court order, is an ally of Tony Blair and has been "closely involved" with the Prime Minister's education policy.

Hypocracy maybe - but the right decision - your family is your number one responsibility and doing what is right for your kids out trumps upsetting the poor teachers and unions..


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