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Warm the tape measure

Savile Row gets Italy hot under the collar

The normally discreet world of men’s tailoring has been shaken by a dispute over who has the best tailors: Britain or Italy?

Pitti Uomo, Italy’s annual showcase for menswear, opens this week in Florence, but for the first time in the its 70-year history, the show will feature clothing by Savile Row tailors, together with an exhibition entitled The London Cut: Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring.

The inclusion has incensed Italian designers. Gianluca Isaia, deputy head of the Italian menswear consortium Classico Italia, said that the Pitti show was “intended to represent menswear made in Italy. I would expect it to support Italian firms, not to offer a showcase for foreigners”.

Mr Isaia said that Italian techniques were “much more up to date than those of London tailors. We combine state of the art production with ancient origins — Naples already had an association of tailors in the 15th century.”

Yes, yes, yes if you want something flashy in polyester to wear with your two tone shoes I'm sure the Italians can knock you something up , but my money is on the few remaining craftsmen like this:

Desmond Merrion Bespoke Tailor
How to to check your suits. Were they sold as bespoke? Are they bespoke or factory made-to-measure?

Remember: A good, honest tailor has nothing to hide from you..


I agree. I once had a "designer" suit and it was rubbish. Fell apart in a few months. Not that I can afford £2K suits.

Have you read the English Cut blog?

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