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How do you bone leather?

An Englishman's Castle: Boning question - 2

I work as a butler in a large country house and I would like to learn the art of 'boning' leather boots. Do you know where or how I can go about doing this?

Can anyone help this reader out - I just use this old deer bone, or an old toothbrush handle, to rub the polish into the leather to get a very high gloss finish. Is this the same as "spooning" a pair of boots?
Your help as always would be welcome.



"spooning" was done to smooth out the pebble grain of the cheap, shoddy British army boots so we had a smooth surface to polish.

Hot spooning the leather garain removes what waterproof properties remain from manufacture. The boots themselves werent heap and shoddy because they werent smooth they were destroyed as boots by bulling. I served in a Unit that insisted on 1 pair of field boots being kept cleaned and dubbinned. We rarely wore best boots in Bn and you could always go diffy a pair, break them in and bull them up for the rare parade!

It was the unending bull that was perpetuated by RSM's that thought they should have been in the Gaurds that destroyed more boots than anyone else!

Spooning involves getting an old stainless steel spoon and heating it to near red heat over a gas flame, then searing any little bobbles and irregularities out of the leather. It's a smelly and hot process.

We had to spoon our old DMS pieces of crap so that a spit-and-polish finish was achievable, but when I switched to a pair of High Leg Combats that went by-the-by thank God, because the quality of manufacture was so much greater.

our turnout boots for equestrian have to be polished like glass I am failing please help with easy plain speaking instructions that really work on knee high top boots and straps also where do I get the polish

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